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We sell quality healthy Carrier , Homing and Racing Pigeons. Looking for good racing pigeons or some beautiful homing pigeons to fly around the yard, You can find them for sale right here. We mail the birds overnight so you can have your birds the next day.

Why Buy Pigeons From Us?

We are offering Homing pigeons of racing quality. We don’t have any particular strain nor do we offer pedigrees. I am not claiming that these pigeons are all champion racers, but I do claim that these pigeon families have won races and diplomas for me.
I have spent a bunch of money buying birds online and at auctions. I have even bought race winners. I have found my best breeders are pigeons from other guys’ race teams that were no longer of use to them. I am returning to the sport after 25 years of not flying. I have had to buy birds to build a team. I am disappointed in the many over priced birds with long pedigrees that were supposedly race winners and breeders of winners.
The most money I have spent was for one 500 mile multi winning cock. I bought from an internet pigeon auction website. This bird has not produced a single youngster to even make it in the clock. When I bought this bird he arrived at my house with no papers to prove that he was ever even in a race. When I contacted the seller he said he would work on getting me a copy of a race sheet but after a year I gave up waiting on that paper. I am embarrassed to admit how much money I actually paid for this pigeon. My point is that spending a lot of money hasn’t been the answer for me. At the end of the 2 young bird seasons my race and diploma winners are from pigeons I paid less than 50.00 for. I am selling racing pigeons from my race team that are just to good to dispose of. I wish I could keep all of my birds but space doesn’t permit me to have a whole lot of these wonderful animals.

Keeping pigeons is really a lot of fun. Racing them is even more exciting. They can be very tame and friendly. They (Domestic) are free from diseases that affect humans. Wild pigeons carry diseases because they live unsanitary lives. Watching them fly around the house, high in the sky has an appeal to most people. My neighbors comment to me how they love watching my birds fly about. People put bird feeders in their yards so that they can the watch birds come and go.
First, you have to make a loft or a coup. Pigeon fanciers prefer to call their pigeon house a loft. A pigeon fancier is someone homing pigeons for salewho likes to keep a colony or flock of pigeons. Just as if you bought some fish and brought them home, you need to have the fish tank all set up for their arrival.
The size and type of loft will depend on how you will be involved, and how many birds you will be keeping. If you will be racing, you will need a racing loft. If you will be keeping a few pigeons for a hobby then you can build the appropriate sized loft. I want to concentrate on the flying pigeon loft. This is one where the birds will be let out to fly.


The loft should be dry. This is the primary concern. The secondary concern is the loft should be secure so that cats, dogs, raccoons, rats, children and other intruders can not get into and harm your birds. Thirdly the birds need air. If you put them in a box with little or no fresh air they will not be healthy. Your loft can be anything from the size of a shopping mall to the a size of a doll house.

When Keeping homing pigeons, you will need to provide them with an appropriate home. There are a few things you should consider when building your homing pigeon loft. Some of these include placement, size, and flooring. This article will give you a few tips for building homing pigeon house More……

Racing Homing Pigeons Top Breed Homing Pigeons

Pigeon racing is a sport involving the release of specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. The time
it takes the animal to cover the specified distance is measured and
the animals’ rate of travel is calculated and compared with all of the other pigeons in the race to determine which animal returned at the highest rate of speed. Racing Homing Pigeons is a fun and exciting hobby. Getting involved can be as simple as owning a couple of birds to having hundreds of these small athletes. The cost can be small to large. I would caution you against jumping in too deep too fast. These birds require your time and energy Daily. To be competitive you will need to study about health and training. If this is your first time keeping pigeons, start small. Remember also they are very prolific. If you only have one pair and they are not separated you will soon be over run with them.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help.