Keeping and Training Homing Pigeons

How to keep and train homing pigeons is a book that covers how much to feed, how to breed, The Pigeon Loft, health, and where to buy homing pigeons. This is written for the beginner and for the intermediate fancier. This ebook is available to download right now.  The hobby of keeping pigeons is enjoyable for the whole family. Many go through a trial and error process to learn the do’s and don’t s. To be successful pick up a copy of “Keeping and Training Homing Pigeons” and jump to the top of the learning curve.

Learn about:

  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Health
  • Buying Pigeons
  • Training
  • Loft Design


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I start with the loft because you will want to have your loft built before you acquire your birds. You wouldn’t go and buy some fish until you have your fish tank set up with water in it. The first thing to consider is how many pigeons you will be keeping. I started ……

Many young birds are lost right from their own loft. Use caution when letting them out while they are young. Young birds that are not very strong flyers will usually stay in the yard while the stronger flyers will get up in the air and fly off. You may be thinking they are homing pigeons, why can’t they find their way home from just around the loft? If you were …….

Keep clean fresh water available to your birds at all times. If you don’t keep water available they will find it elsewhere. They will drink from mud puddles or your neighbor’s pool. Clean the water containers regularly. The water source ……..

Pigeon pox is un avoidable if you have mosquitoes in your area. As a human will get chicken pox only once in their lifetime a pigeon will only get pox once and then will be immune to the virus. Pox will show up as sores on their beaks and feet. Pox isn’t normally , ………..